Faux-bama makes pledge to solve climate crisis » faux-bama-ilhan-anas-an-indo

Bangkok, 18 September 2009–Faux-bama, Ilhan Anas, an Indonesian look-alike of United States President Barack Obama, holds a poster of the Greenpeace Chang(e) Caravan after delivering a speech in front of the US Embassy declaring that he will end the climate crisis. The speech was delivered during a creative action organized by Greenpeace to call on President Obama to take the lead on climate change solutions and ensure an ambitious, fair and binding global climate treaty. The activity is part of the Greenpeace-led Chang(e) Caravan, a march for change by people and elephants, which is currently traversing Thailand’s Central Plains to tell the story of climate change impacts on communities.(c)Greenpeace/Athit Perawongmetha

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