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Introducing a new podcast about today’s most relevant WWII rescue story

The little-known story of a French community that openly rejected the Nazis and saved 5,000 refugees is a model of resistance for our times.

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After more than two years of research, interviews and production, I’m excited to announce the October 15 launch of “City of Refuge” — a 10-part podcast series from Waging Nonviolence.

Each week until the end of the year, I will take listeners inside the remarkable and little-known story of a French community that openly resisted the Nazis, while rescuing 5,000 refugees. We’ll experience their heroic efforts through the words of leading figures, still living community members and some of the people they saved. We’ll also examine the important lessons this story offers us today — amidst rising authoritarianism and another global refugee crisis.

“City of Refuge” will be available wherever you listen to podcasts, as well as right here on Waging Nonviolence. Join our weekly newsletter for updates.

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