“I consider Waging Nonviolence to be the leading resource for people interested in civil resistance.”
– Erica Chenoweth, author and Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School


Since our founding 10 years ago, Waging Nonviolence has become a leading source for news and analysis of activism and social movements around the world.

The platform is both a locus of discussion for the dynamic community of activists, scholars and journalists interested in people-powered movements, as well as an accessible entry point to nonviolent struggle for the general public.

Being based in New York City, most of our readers (nearly 70 percent) are from the United States. However, we have a broad international readership as well, with people from 60-80 different countries visiting the site on any given day.

A rate sheet and analytics data are available on request. Please reach out to: contact@wagingnonviolence.org