Since its founding more than five years ago, Waging Nonviolence has become a widely recognized source for news and analysis of activism and social movements around the world. On the heels of its groundbreaking coverage of the Occupy and climate movements, Waging Nonviolence was nominated for an Utne Media Award for best political coverage in 2013.

Updated daily, the site features original reporting, podcasts and videos on organizing around a broad range of social justice issues — including the environment, economic justice, housing, immigration, indigenous struggles, the criminal justice system and militarism — both in the United States and abroad. Over the last year, the site published on-the-ground dispatches from a courageous team of journalists and activists in 30 countries, including hot spots such as China, Thailand, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Afghanistan, Greece, Brazil and Mexico. It is both a locus of discussion for the dynamic community of activists, scholars and journalists interested in people-powered movements, as well as an accessible entry point to nonviolent struggle for the general public.

As leading political scientist and author Erica Chenoweth recently wrote, Waging Nonviolence is “the essential journalistic resource on civil resistance,” and “provides unmatched access to the key discussions and debates that will shape our understanding about civil resistance for years to come.”


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