Waging Nonviolence is always looking for new contributors. The best way to propose a story or multimedia piece is to send us a brief pitch via that explains what you want to cover and who you would interview. We prefer this to an already completed manuscript because it allows us to work with you from the idea stage and help flesh out the best possible story. We are big believers in a collaborative editorial process.

When developing story ideas for Waging Nonviolence, please note that timeliness matters. We like our stories to have a news hook that relates to current events and/or the latest developments in a movement. Stories should address questions of strategy and tactics, while also being attentive to relevant concerns of culture, technology, history and the natural environment. We strive to highlight the voices of under-represented and traditionally marginalized peoples, who are often on the frontlines of nonviolent struggle.

Finally, we do offer fixed rates for reported and multimedia stories (with multiple sources). However, we generally do not pay for opinion and analysis. Once published on Waging Nonviolence, your story will fall under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, which permits reuse and adaptation with attribution to Waging Nonviolence and the author. We work to ensure that our content is distributed as widely as possible through republication and readaptation, and we encourage authors to help promote the stories they publish with us.