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A symbol of hope amidst environmental degradation in Paraguay

Agripina Fernández berates us for only coming to visit her community Yexwase Yet for a few hours. “It would take us at least two days to tell you everything we have been through,” she says, her face emanating the quiet but unwavering determination characteristic of the Enxet Sur Indigenous Peoples of Paraguay.

Today Yexwase Yet (ex-San Fernando) is celebrating. After an 18 year struggle they have finally received legal title to 10,030 hectares of their ancestral land in the Chaco region of Paraguay. Much of the territory is virgin forest empowering these 96 families to combine traditional hunting and gathering activities with small scale agriculture. It is a symbol of hope in a country and region where the agro-industry has wrought unimaginable environmental degradation and mass-displacement of small farmers and Indigenous communities.

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