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Anarchopanda to run in Quebec election

Julien Villeneuve wants you to spoil your ballot on April 7.

Well, not exactly, since Elections Quebec doesn’t officially recognize the act of defacing a voter card (and eating or burning your vote could cost you up to $20,000 in fines).

So, instead, Villeneuve is running under the Parti Nul banner–which has no platform other than to defend the right to chose “none of the above” on election day. In other words, a vote for Villeneuve is a vote for… nothing? He agrees it may be a little confusing.

“Every time there’s an election, some people have this attitude like if you don’t vote, you’re larva,” said Villeneuve, the infamous panda-suit wearing philosophy professor who became a kind of folk hero during the 2012 student uprising. “I think a lot of people out there chose not to vote because they don’t feel represented by who’s on the ballot or maybe it’s just against their beliefs. Who are we to judge?”

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