Experiments with Truth: Analysis

Becoming the media: an interview with Joshua Stephens

Writing, like anything else, ought to reflect how we care for one another. The editorial process is a crucible for that, and I think we need to reclaim and insist upon it. Just in terms of how it shapes and provokes, even anchors the growth of writers, it’s vital. You can’t get that from hitting “submit” on Tumblr or whatever. And the self-referencing, ideological ghettos we see in social media, various web forums, etc. are a direct outcome of that absence. It’s left us entitled and unable to see each other, much less communicate across difference. We seem to be getting the fact that the impulsiveness and lack of accountability that comes with debate and whatnot in web formats is unhealthy and corrosive, but I think we’ve got some distance to go in getting the value of having each other to say “Rethink this. Rewrite this. Shut the fuck up and listen a little more; observe a little more. Be a better human being.”

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