Experiments with Truth: Analysis

Belarusian Dream

Belarusian Dream is an autobiographical account of one young man’s experience of growing up under the brutal regime of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukoshenko, often called ‘Europe’s last dictator’.

Election fraud, brutal repression and the economic crisis are the backdrop to the growing mood for change, in what is often termed the most ‘stable’ post-Soviet country.

The anonymous narrator – something of an ‘everyman’ voice of young Belarusian’s seeking change – takes us through the recent history of his lifetime through to the 2010 elections and the grim repression that followed, and ending with the dreams of change that strengthened after the 2011 revolutions around the world.

It is an insider’s voice, witness to the fears and terrors as well as hopes and dreams of a new generation, set against a tapestry of archive film, music and images of the country’s brutal modern history.

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