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Cambodian garment workers’ strike turns deadly

Cambodian riot police used sticks, tear gas and guns to break up a garment workers’ strike on Tuesday, killing one woman and wounding eight people in one of the most violent crackdowns on labour unrest in years.

More than 30 people were arrested after protests erupted when police tried to break up a strike by garment workers from a factory supplying global brands protesting against low pay and demanding better working conditions, Reuters witnesses and police said.

Hundreds of police in riot gear, some carrying AK47s, tried to stop an estimated 1,000 workers from the Singapore-owned SL Garment Processing (Cambodia) Ltd. from marching to the home of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. Company officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Demonstrators set a police car and motorbikes alight. Some protesters were kicked and beaten by police who used tear gas to disperse the crowd, witnesses said.

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