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China cracks down on dissent ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

China has jailed scores of lawyers, activists and intellectuals weeks before the 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, underscoring Beijing’s resolve to wipe the event from the country’s collective memory.

Authorities in southern China’s Guangdong province have detained five activists – Xie Wenfei, Luo Xiangyang, Wu Bin, Yang Chonghe, and Zhang Wanhe – for expressing solidarity with a sixth, Li Weiguo, as he stood trial for seeking legal permission to hold a Tiananmen-related demonstration. All have been charged with disorderly behaviour, the rights website Weiquan Wang reported on Monday.

Police in the eastern city of Hangzhou have detained Xu Guang, a 45-year-old activist, for planning a hunger strike to commemorate the killings Lu Gengsong, an author, was also held for criticising Beijing’s human rights record in an online essay.

Last Wednesday, Beijing police detained Chen Guang, 43, a Beijing-based artist, soon after he privately staged a work of abstract performance art to commemorate the crackdown. Chen, a People’s Liberation Army soldier at the time, was dispatched to quell the protests and much of his work draws from the experience.

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