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Countrywide protests against Geo closure, attacks

Countrywide rallies were held to protest against the four-month closure of Geo and press the government to restore the channel on its original numbers forthwith.

Rallies held in different cities including Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Kasur, Multan, Sukkur and Hyderabad were organized by journalists and newspaper workers organisations. Besides a large number of journalists and newspaper workers, Akhbar Farosh leaders, civil society members and traders and lawyers representatives participated in the rallies and vowed to resist the closure of Geo in order to protect the jobs of over 5,000 employees of Jang-Geo Group.

They also demanded a probe by parliament unveiling those behind Geo’s closure. In Islamabad, a big rally marched from the Geo offices to the Parliament House where a sit-in was staged. Members of civil society organisations, lawyers, traders and representatives of various political parties also became part of the sit-in and vowed that they would not allow the marchers to attack the media houses and harass their employees to prevent them from bringing truth to the people.

The participants carried placards reading “Restore Geo”, “Stop Violence against Journalists”, “Live and Let Live”, “Journalists are No Longer Safe”, “We Want Freedom of Press” and “Stop Killing Journalists”. They also shouted slogans in favour of the freedom of the press and vowed that it would be protected at all costs.


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