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Crackdown on student protesters in Egypt

Egyptian security forces are tightening their crackdown on student activism by arresting scores of students at the start of the school term in an effort to crush a renewed wave of protests against the military-backed government that took power last year.

At least 91 students have been arrested in Egypt since Friday, according to the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, which has chapters on campuses across the country.

Mohamed Atef, the president of the student union at Al Azhar University in Cairo and the founder of Students Against the Coup, said the police had raided his family home in Assiut at 3 a.m. Monday looking for him and had arrested his brother.

Universities are some of the last pockets of visible opposition to the military-backed government outside of the relatively lawless Sinai Peninsula, where militant Islamist groups are waging a campaign of guerrilla attacks against security forces.

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