Experiments with Truth: Analysis

Elegy for queers for economic justice

American culture has a deep libertarian strand that has the potential to nourish a radical democracy and a more dialectical, egalitarian and cooperative relationship to nature, and between human beings. This tendency, with its demonstrated capacity for powerful praxis, has included, among others, Bayard Rustin, Audre Lorde, Barbara Deming and Paul Goodman, all openly “queer.” It has also informed the politics of gay liberation, feminism, and contemporary movements for participatory democracy including Occupy.  Occasionally an organization grounded in these principles comes along and attempts to anticipate a different kind of future, reminding us once again that in the most powerful movements for radical democracy, affirmations of justice are joined with desire – not only personal bodily desire, but social desire as well. Such an organization was Queers for Economic Justice, now deceased.

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