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Enbridge protesters hope to be in ‘for the long haul’ at Hamilton site

A group of protesters has shut down construction at an Enbridge pump station in rural Hamilton, Ont., Thursday.

About 80 people interrupted construction at the North Westover site in rural Hamilton but allowed workers to close and lock the facility before leaving. They are also allowing workers in to do safety checks.

“We’re here because we’ve noticed they’ve ramped up their construction,” said protester Elysia Petrone. “They are making improvements to the north pumping station, preparing to increase capacity.”

Petrone added: “This is a complete disregard for the national energy process. This NEB (National Energy Board) process is a rubber stamp procedure.”

One hundred and seventy-seven citizens, organizations and municipalities have applied to take part in hearings about Enbridge’s plan to reverse the oil flow of Line 9B, which runs from Montreal to Westover near Hamilton. The cities of Hamilton, Burlington, Kingston, Toronto, Mississauga have applied for intervener status, along with musician Sarah Harmer.

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