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Environmentalists try to save one of Jordan’s last forests

In the early 1990s, Jordanian King Hussein Bin Talal launched a campaign under the slogan “Turning Jordan Green by 2000,” based on his aspiration to see his country turn into a green paradise. The king died on Feb. 7, 1999, without realizing his ambition. This goal has yet to be realized, and now seems impossible in light of the latest statistics issued by the Ministry of Agriculture indicating that less than 1% of the kingdom is covered by plant life​.

With the death of the king the slogan faded away, while during his life it remained a mere slogan without any actual mechanisms of action or serious implementation plans.

In 2010, Jordan adopted an official slogan contrary to [that of King Hussein], aimed at eliminating the last green space. This slogan was enforced by choosing Bargash forest, [one of] the last of Jordan’s forests, as the location for the establishment of a military academy.


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