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Fast-food workers plan strike this week

Thousands of fast-food and retail workers are set to go on strike across the United States on Thursday to push for a $15 hourly wage, after a similar action last month bolstered confidence but not pay, organizers said.

“If you work in a fast-food or retail store anywhere in the country, we urge you to join our growing movement,” striker Terrance Wise said in a news release earlier this month.

Wise, 34, is a Kansas City-based father of three who says he earns $9.30 an hour at Burger King, where he has worked for eight years.

Burger King had not responded to an interview request regarding Wise’s wages by the time of publication.

About 1,000 strikers participated in the previous action in July, according to Martin Rafanan of Missouri Jobs with Justice. The group is coordinating the strikes together with similar grass-roots organizations across the country and larger advoacy groups, like the Service Employees International Union.

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