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From Tallahassee to Mexico City, the youth uprising continues

1. When Will the Dream 9 Be Set Free?

How would you feel if you were forced to leave your home? Your family? Everything you’ve ever known? For undocumented youth, this is exactly what’s demanded of them. Either through deportation or lack of access to jobs and education, many are forced to leave for countries that are foreign to them. On July 18, three undocumented youth from the National Immigrant Youth Alliance left the US, where they have grown up for the majority of their lives, and went to Mexico. On July 22, they presented themselves to US Customs and Border Patrol agents in Nogales, Arizona, with six other youth who had been deported, and were arrested and detained at Eloy Detention Center. Joined by 70 other detainees, they have all been on hunger strike for the past week. Nationwide, the Bring Them Home campaign has urged immigrants and supporters to fight for the Dream 9—and the many more like them—to be allowed to come home. In the past, we’ve stopped hundreds of deportations by forcing the Department of Homeland Security to move its ugly business out from behind closed doors. We have infiltrated detention centers, participated in acts of civil disobedience andoccupied campaign and congressional offices to force both friends and foes to take a stand. We’ve found the next door to kick down, and we won’t stop until we’ve won.

—National Immigrant Youth Alliance

2. What’s at Risk With Voluntary Detention?

Right before Lulu, an Undocuqueer activist in Chicago, left for Mexico City, we had many conversations about what we needed to do to empower the community to come out of the shadows and defend itself from more deportations. Within the detention center, the women collecting stories are organizing other women to fight their detention and threat of deportation. We remain autonomous UndocuQueer artivists with a strong stance against these injustices happening in our communities. As the most affected by anti-immigrant laws and people, we feel the need to speak for ourselves even if it means sacrificing our freedom.

—Nicolas Gonzalez Medina

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