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Gaming for peace

Resolving conflict through a… video game?

You may say it’s impossible, but we say we can do it! At SFCG we are always looking for innovative ways to promote conflict transformation and peacebuilding. We know from experience that popular culture is a powerful way of conveying messages such as acceptance of the “other” and tolerance without causing people to doze off in their seats.

This is what we want to achieve with this video game, Cedaria: Blackout. We want to provide youth in the Middle East with a platform to learn and practice how to mediate conflict, solve community problems collaboratively, and understand the perspectives of the “other”. Such skills cannot be acquired in classrooms or in books as they need constant practice and a video game is a much more entertaining way to do so. At a time of escalating violence in the region, we believe that gaming is an effective and innovative tool to reach out to young people and promote non-violent behaviour without being boring or patronizing.

This idea is supported by studies showing that skills learned while playing video games are transferable to real life situations. When players can explore options that go beyond socially accepted norms in a virtual world, they then will be more inclined to replicate similar behaviours in their everyday life.

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