Experiments with Truth: Analysis

The Google protest hoax: a sign of our cultural and economic angst

I should know better, I really should. The tail end of 2013 has been all about the hoax. There was the lying waitress who claimed she was stiffed for a tip because she was gay, and the hysterically funny epic Thanksgiving note-passing war between two airline passengers chronicled in excruciating detail on Twitter. (Even Alec Baldwin fell for that one.) Then there was the fake Banksy art that sold out in an hour; Andy Kaufman lives! An there was Jimmy Kimmel’s reveal that the twerking woman on fire viral video was really just a stunt.

I can usually spot a fake, but I have to admit, I fell for the latest entry in the gotcha sweepstakes. Got a little charged up, right on cue. Maybe you did, too.

The scene: Monday’s protest in San Francisco, where an affluent-looking, spectacled guy faced off against scruffy anti-eviction/gentrification protesters outside a private bus headed to Google headquarters. Google guy gets a little – OK, a lot – worked up over the protesters blocking his access to the bus. He needs to get to work!

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