Experiments with Truth: Analysis

How a grassroots movement could kick the US Marines out of Okinawa

A political struggle is unfolding on the Pacific island of Okinawa that is challenging not only President Obama’s bipartisan “Asian Pivot” but the entire battle plan of the US military in Asia.

Unfortunately, you don’t read much about Okinawa in the mainstream media. It’s not even worth a footnote in the China-focused ranks of Washington’s newly muscular national security press or its military think tanks. Except for a few exceptions, not even the left or progressive media have covered it.

Yet the struggles on the island are intensifying every day. Moreover, they’re aimed squarely at one of the keystones of American foreign policy in Asia: a forward US base on the Pacific Rim that’s been used since the Korean War to project American power from Vietnam to the Middle East. Okinawa is home to 19,000 US Marines and dozens of US military installations that include the Marines’ only jungle training center.

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