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Greenpeace ‘polar bear’ floats down Russian river to protest Arctic oil drilling

Why did the polar bear float down the river? Apparently, to protest Arctic oil drilling.

A Greenpeace activist wearing a polar bear costume paddled down a river in Russia Monday to protest potential oil drilling in the Arctic.

At around 10 a.m., the protester used an iceberg-looking board with two signs that read “Help!” and “Arctic not for sale” to float down the Moskva River, near the Kremlin, in Moscow.

The costumed activist was arrested in the middle of the water by Russian Emergencies Ministry officials and taken aboard their motorboat. The “polar bear” was eventually released without charges.

Greenpeace’s stunt was meant to draw attention to the potential environmental consequences from a joint oil-drilling venture between Norway’s Statoil and Russia Rosneft. The companies plan on going to Russia’s Arctic to find untapped oil reserves in the Barents Seas.

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