Experiments with Truth: Analysis

How flash mob flamenco took on the banks

Banks are big in the news – all kinds of unexpected things are taking place in them these days. But walk into one of the plush, if financially troubled, branches of Bankia or Banco Santander in Seville and you may be in for a surprise.

Flamenco is almost everywhere you look in the Andalusian capital – tourist shops sell everything from polka-dot dresses to guitar fridge magnets, while bright posters in bars promise “authentic flamenco show”.

One of the last places you might expect to find it, however, is standing next to a cash machine or queuing to pay in your salary cheque.

Yet it was right here, in the city’s banks, that a new and exciting movement in flamenco was born.

Flamenco flash mobs – seemingly spontaneous dance and song performances – have been taking place in banks not just in Seville, but all over Andalusia, causing short, if amusing disruptions to the working day.

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