Experiments with Truth: News

How undocumented students pulled off the Common App hoax

It took several months, almost a dozen people and several organizations (including Immigrant Youth Justice League, Freedom University and Fair Common App) to plan and execute the prank on Common Application Inc. – tricking three news outlets into spreading fake news that the corporation responsible for facilitating college application submissions had changed its policies towards undocumented students and issued a formal apology to the undocumented community.

Information was received Tuesday evening that the video released on Thursday was of undocumented activist, poet and a member of the Georgia 8, David Ramirez.  “I did this because I am undocumented, my community is undocumented, and my community is under attack by the Common Application, which is stealing the hopes and dreams of my undocumented brothers and sisters across the country,” explained Ramirez, ”I made the announcement because it needed to be said. I hope the Common Application repeats it word for word in the coming days.”

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