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Information from Nafeer about areas affected by the heavy rain in Khartoum

Nafeer is a volunteer group of young people working together to aid families that have been affected by the heavy rains that took place on August 1 and 2, causing flash floods in various areas of Sharg Elneel, Karari, Umbadda and Khartoum North localities. Affected areas have been identified based on data collected by Nafeer volunteers through incident reports, questionnaires filled out by affected people, and interviews with popular councils of affected neighbourhoods. The results pinpoint the following areas: Marabee Ashareef; Soba Sharig, Kiryab and Umashosh in Sharg Elneel; Alfateh 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Karari; Dar Elsalam block 3; Alamriya blocks 28 and 29 and Hashaba in Umbada; and Aldorooshab in Khartoum North.  New areas continue to emerge based on emergency hotline reports and as access to areas is facilitated.


To donate:

a)     Credit transfer to Zain: 0918660866; or

b)     Call: 0912974410

To volunteer: call 0994579964

To report damage: call0998738652 or 0123123589

For other information: nafeer.campaign@gmail.com; http://www.facebook.com/gabaileid

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