Experiments with Truth: Analysis

It’s not slacktivism if it changes culture

On Tuesday the LGBT rights groupHuman Rights Campaign began encouraging supporters to change their Facebook avatars to a pink and red equals sign, their (temporary?) logo.  In truegenerative fashion they have also adopted remixes of the logo, which they are displaying on their own site (see left) and they are using the increased awareness brought by the campaign, and by the gay marriage cases currently in the Supreme Court, to raise money for their organization.  They’re a savvy bunch.

So the avatar campaign seems to be good for HRC, but what’s the effect on marriage equality? Because changing one’s avatar seems so easy, the term “slacktivism” has popped up again in a range of news stories.

HRC said on their Facebook page, “Make sure you wear red to show your support for marriage equality. And make your Facebook profile red too!”  but they don’t explain their reasoning.  The Supreme Court is unlikely to be affected by changing avatars.  They are already deliberating.  But the real effect of this kind of action is changing culture by changing hearts and minds.

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