Experiments with Truth: Analysis

Lack of unity stalls Egypt’s youth revolution

In a recent TV interview, Egypt’s prominent opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei, captured the frustration felt by many revolutionary youth in his country.

“A large part of why we lost control over the revolution and our ability to fulfil its goals is the divisions that took place among the youth. Today, youth feel they have been robbed of their revolution,” ElBaradei said on February 12. “But, this is because they were divided. Every one of them [considered himself] a new Che Guevara. Everyone wanted to speak on TV.”

Two years after the revolution, youth leaders feel neglected, divided, and powerless. Only three youth leaders were elected to the People’s Assembly, the lower house of Egyptian parliament, which has since been dissolved.

The Revolution Youth Coalition (RYC), the main body coordinating between youth leaders in Egypt after the January 25 revolution, was dissolved last July; no other body has replaced it.

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