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The LAPD just broke the record for arresting Walmart protesters

Civil disobedience against Walmart has reached a new high (or low if you don’t like civil disobedience, or you like Walmart or something): 54 protesters were arrested late Thursday night in front of a controversial Walmart location in Los Angeles. The protest consisted of 500 activists, faced down by 100 cops.

The Chinatown store was already the site of protests in September when Walmart won the long fight to open one of their “Neighborhood Market” locations, which Walmart also refers to as one of their “smaller than we like to be, but at least we can squeeze them it into narrower buildings” locations.

The protest was the second major act of civil disobedience in the LA area over the past two days, the other being a walkout and protest in Paramount on Wednesday. The protesters called it a strike, despite the store staying open. There were no reported arrests in Paramount.

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