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Morocco’s 20 February Movement: two years later

Two major protests were planned within the period between 20 and 24 February. On 20 February 2013, members of the 20 February Movement planned to commemorate their two year anniversary with a march in front of the Parliament building in Rabat. Unaffiliated with the movement and less than a block away in front of the Rabat Ville train station was a separate protest that a group of unemployed college graduates organized. Despite the similarity in chants, riot police had a clear target for their repression, and it was the unemployed graduates. While members of the 20 February Movement included even small pockets of students calling for the downfall of the regime, riot police wielded their truncheons against the unemployed graduates throughout the day. After each violent dispersion, the unemployed graduates regrouped and continued chanting and marching around the main roundabout on Mohammed V Avenue. It did not take long before members of the 20 February protest joined the unemployed graduates in solidarity, eventually taking their share of police beatings. While an ambulance was present, transporting those who were injured, no immediate arrests were made and a phone call with one of the unemployed graduates the next day confirmed that.

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