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Pro-Democracy groups protest treatment of Hong Kong bookseller

Pro-democracy groups on Friday protested mainland China’s treatment of Hong Kong bookseller Lam Wing-Kee, who disappeared last year en route to Shenzhen, after he gave a detailed account of his detention.

Lam was one of five booksellers peddling gossipy literature about leading Chinese politicians, who disappeared last year and resurfaced on Chinese television to confess to criminal acts.

However, Lam said the entire broadcast in February had been scripted, adding that he recited it for fear of the consequences.

The bookseller said a “central special investigation team” seized him in October while crossing into mainland China, after which they blindfolded him, interrogated and held him in a small room for five months.

On Tuesday, he returned to Hong Kong on bail so he could grab a hard drive containing information of his mainland customers and hand it over to authorities in China. But he said he would not return, and instead decided to give a full account of his detention.

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