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Rallies slam private prisons for 30 years of ‘profiting from pain’

As the Correction’s Corporation of America (CCA)—the nation’s oldest and largest private prison operator—rings in a hallmark anniversary, protesters Tuesday are rallying in Washington DC to declare that there is nothing to celebrate about “30 years of profiting from pain.”

Protesters Tuesday braved the rain to tell CCA there’s “nothing to celebrate.” (Photo: @ACLUlive) The protest is the start of a week of action against CCA, which is marking thirty years in the private prison business by celebrating with parties at facilities, a trivia contest, and—as Bob Lidal of the group Grassroots Leadership puts it—”a general giddiness that makes one a bit ill.”

The ACLU along with other rights groups and the Public Safety and Justice Campaign are protesting with a series of “counter-celebrations” to assert to CCA and other beneficiaries of the incarceration system that “30 years of profit from pain is nothing to celebrate.

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