Experiments with Truth: Analysis

Rebecca Solnit: Resisting Monoculture

When people have to misrepresent you or focus on trivial details to score points against you, you know your main argument actually is doing just fine. But it was dismaying to be attacked in Grist, a site I like and hitherto admired (and where my work from Tomdispatch.com has occasionally been reposted). In Ben Adler’s “Hey Protester, Leave Those Google Buses Alone” the site published an awful piece—not because it’s hating on me while distorting what I wrote in the London Review of Books last February, but because it’s grossly misrepresenting the situation in San Francisco—the growing class divide fueled largely by an influx of wealthy Silicon Valley workers and the crises of space and housing it’s creating—and San Franciscans’ response to it. And because in it, a site that’s supposed to be environmental is loving up a bunch of corporations with terrible environmental impacts.

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