Experiments with Truth: Analysis

Recession responsible for 20,000 demonstrations in Greece in 4 years

Greece has always been a country full of demonstrations. So much so, that the State Department is regularly issuing travel instructions informing American citizens of the hustle in Athens due to demonstrations. Public Order minister Nikos Dendias revealed the exact number of demonstrations held in the country since the beginning of recession and it is shocking.

There have been 20,210 demonstrations all over the country between May 8 2010 and March 2014. That is a little less than four years, covering the time from the implementation of the first Memorandum of Understanding and the country’s outing to the capital markets. It includes the massive 2011 demonstrations in downtown Athens, known as the “Rally of the indignant”.

Out of those, 6,266 rallies were held in Athens alone. Simple math tells as there were about 4,5 demonstrations a day in Athens in the last 4 years alone.

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