Experiments with Truth: Analysis

Restorative justice is on the rise

What kind of society spends more on cages than classrooms? -Rep. Pete Lee (Colorado)

Restorative Justice is on the rise exponentially in the United States. As millions continue to experience and witness a collective ‘justice’ that is tainted by racial discrimination, bybillions in profit, by the warehousing of our meek, a school-to-prison pipeline and by the practices of expecting punishment and isolation for all involved when crime occurs to actually function as rehabilitative, there is a form in the air, in the political, in the grassroots, in the hearts of the people, that offers a viable life-ring out of this deluge.

Restorative Justice is not about excusing crime or letting people off the hook. It’s not about forcing forgiveness or even about forgiveness per se. It’s not about removing important safety considerations from our communities. What Restorative Justice ismakes it the most powerful answer to the justice predicament that we’ve yet seen.

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