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Scottish bank closes amid welfare reform protest

UK Uncut have targeted a number of branches in 13 locations and have succeeded in shutting branches in Glasgow, Sheffield, Brixton and Regent Street in London – branches which HSBC initially said would be “open as usual”.

The protest group arrived at the Regent Street branch around noon, 30 minutes after it had been shut “temporarily”, to protest against the Government’s welfare cuts by “transforming” it into a food bank.

The campaigners highlighted research showing that 500,000 people now rely on food banks on a regular basis, with almost half saying it was because of cuts or delays in benefits payments.

The group of around 50 to 100 protesters at the central London branch accused HSBC of making matters worse by “dodging tax”.

The protesters set up a food bank on the street in front of the branch and put tape across the front door which had the message ‘Closed By UK Uncut’ written across it.

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