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Students fined $5,000 for trans activism by Wesleyan University

The self-proclaimed “Diversity University” is at it again.  Wesleyan University, located in Middletown, Connecticut, is prosecuting three trans* and gender-nonconforming students for taking political action to address transgender discrimination on campus.  This comes just one year after the University reversed their need blind admission policy, and a rash of racial profiling by the campus police, Public Safety.

On Wednesday, December 4th, Wesleyan University will be holding a disciplinary hearing against the three aforementioned trans* and gender-nonconforming students.  The charges against the three stem from actions taken this October to “degender” public restrooms.  These students are being targeted because of their visibility in these actions and in the LGBTQ community on campus, despite no evidence that they are indeed responsible for the $5,245 in fines they are facing.

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