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Syria strike protesters arrested at White House

About two dozen anti-war activists rallied near the White House Tuesday against U.S. airstrikes in Syria, which began Monday.

Five of the mostly gray-haired protesters were arrested for blocking a White House gate after insisting they meet with President Barack Obama or a senior official to discuss their concerns.

“It’s urgent that we meet with him!” a woman shouted to Secret Service agents, to no avail.

The bombing of Syrian jihadis, the protesters said, would only strengthen fundamentalists who have declared a caliphate in eastern Syria and northwestern Iraq. Instead, they recommend humanitarian aid and an arms embargo against all groups in Syria.

“War is terrorism,” said John Dear of Campaign Nonviolence, who was among those arrested. “Of course we’re against this stupid bombing of Syria and Iraq.”

Dear, a Roman Catholic priest, said “peaceful means are the only path to a peaceful future.”

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