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Syrians boycott foodstuffs to protest soaring prices

DAMASCUS, July 7 (Xinhua) — Syrians have started boycotting some basic foodstuffs to protest the skyrocketing prices of most commodities in the unrest-torn country.

A Facebook page has been recently promoting a campaign dubbed ” I want to live,” which calls on Syrians to boycott all goods with high prices for one week starting Sunday.

“We swear by Almighty God that we are going to share our honest Syrian compatriots’ expression of dissatisfaction with the high prices, the monopoly of traders, the high cost of the dollar and the government’s failure to regulate the markets,” said one post on the page.

“Starting on July 7, I will cut dairy, eggs and chicken for a week and this period is renewable in case dealers do not cut their crazy and illogical prices… We want to cut the prices of all kinds of goods quickly by not less than 25 percent as living conditions have become very bad,” another post read.


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