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Teachers to boycott grading official exams

BEIRUT: Teachers across Lebanon announced that they will boycott grading official exams if the salary scale increase was not referred to the Parliament by June 22. The Public School Teachers’ Union held a general assembly to put the decision to boycott to a vote, a statement from the union said. The purpose of the boycott is to protest, what the union perceives to be, procrastination on the part of the Finance Ministry to adopt the salary scale increase.

The union assembly unanimously voted to boycott grading the official exams until the corrected salary scales are referred to the president from the Finance Ministry, after which point they will be turned over to Parliament. The union has also set June 22, as the deadline for this referral to take place.

The teachers stressed their commitment to holding the exams on time so that “the efforts of parents and students would not be wasted,” said the statement. They held Cabinet ministers and caretaker Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi, in particular, responsible for their decision.

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