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Tekgida-Is organizes largest public sector strike in 20 years in Turkey

Some 10.000 tea plant workers in 58 factories of Çaykur (a public enterprise for tea processing) started a strike in April 22. The strike organized by the IUF affiliated Tekgida-Is union is reported as the largest public strike in Turkey in 20 years. The union is demanding workers be paid past wages that they are owned and the gap of the raises during 5 years of period when there was no collective agreement in force.

The President of Tekgida-Is, Mustafa Türkel announced the start of the strike this morning in front of the Çaykur headquarters in the northern province of Rize. He stated that the production would not be able to catch the “processing time“ of new fresh tea if the strike continued for one week stressing that Çaykur would face a serious problem. The IUF will write a letter to the Kamu-Is union (Employers` union of public enterprises) to call on them and the government authorities to negotiate with Tekgida-Is in good faith and accept the rightful demands of the union and its members in order to stop the strike.

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