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‘There is an alternative’: 44 arrested at coal plant protest

Hundreds of climate activists from across New England marched on the Brayton Point Coal Plant in Somerset, Massachusetts on Sunday in an attempt to shut down the largest—and protesters say “dirtiest”—fossil fuel plant in the northeast.

Part of an ongoing regional campaign to shut down the plant and in coordination with a nationwide climate campaign called “Summer Heat,” the direct action resulted in at least 44 people being arrested after crossing a barricade set up by law enforcement.

The campaigners gathered called on Gov. Deval Patrick and other regional leaders to immediately close the plant while ensuring “a just transition for workers and host communities towards a healthy and sustainable future.”

“We believe that climate change is an absolutely urgent and pressing threat that will kill people,” said Craig Altemose, executive director of the Better Future Project in Boston and one of the organizers of Sunday’s action. He pointed to the connection between fossil fuel consumption, global warming, and the role that climate change plays in the growing rate of extreme weather events.


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