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Thousands gather across Canada to protest proposed anti-terror legislation

Thousands of Canadians came together to loudly denounce the Conservative government’s proposed anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51, in scores of rallies held across the country on Saturday.

In Toronto, a large crowd gathered in Nathan Phillips Square, where NDP MPs Peggy Nash and Andrew Cash spoke, as well as Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

In a park in Montreal’s north end, a few dozen of the hundreds of demonstrators taped their mouths shut in protest of the bill, which opponents say would allow the government to stifle protest and dissent. As they marched toward the office of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, many of the large contingent waved signs bearing messages such as “Stop Harper,” and “Activism is not a crime.”

The Conservative government introduced the wide-ranging bill in January. It would give police much broader powers and allow them to detain terror suspects, as well as give new powers to Canada’s spy agency.

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