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Thousands of high school students protest throughout Macedonia

After university students and professors organized several marches to protest new laws related to Macedonia’s education system, high school students in the capital Skopje organized a march of their own, braving a threatening counter-campaign by the government.

Hundreds of high school students gathered in the country’s capital and thousands marched throughout the streets of several other Macedonian cities, including Tetovo, Resen, Kumanovo, Negotino, Bitola, and Struga, on March 19 under the motto “Stop the bad reforms in education.”

These protests came after the successful conclusion of a protest campaign by university students and professors, who objected to the new law on higher education, and staged massive protests and occupied faculties since late summer of 2014 and well into the new year. The government finally caved to the demands and agreed to draw up an entirely new law, without the controversial and unpopular external tests for Macedonian educational institutions that have triggered the protests through an inclusive parliamentary process.

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