Experiments with Truth: Analysis

Why is everyone so mad at pretty, topless Femen?

When did breasts become so divisive? Ukraine-based feminist activist group Femen’s International Topless Jihad Day, held outside European mosques and embassies last week, has upset Muslims and feminists alike. It’s even upset Amina Tyler, the 19-year-old Femen member currently facing death threats in her home Tunisia after posting a bare-breasted selfie to Facebook, in whose honor the protest was staged. It’s enough to turn you off toplessness permanently.

Shortly after news coverage of the “topless jihad” began — and there was a lot of it, even for boob news — a Facebook group cropped up for Muslim Women Against Femen. There, women posted selfies with messages for Femen, along with an open letter to the group:

“We understand that it’s really hard for a lot of you white colonial “feminists” to believe, but- SHOCKER! – Muslim women and women of colour can come with their own autonomy, and fight back as well! And speak out for themselves! Who knew?”

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