Experiments with Truth: Analysis

What will it take to end the suffering in Syria?

What’s less clear, given the parameters of the conflict, is whether or not peace activists and opponents of intervention can do more to help foster a peaceful resolution to Syria’s conflict. Given the lack of an apparent solution to the conflict, it may be worth engaging in some conjecture. Perhaps, an attempt at a sort of international diplomacy from below could serve as a starting point to building a more constructive American antiwar movement.

In this context “international diplomacy from below” means: purposeful efforts to resolve the Syrian humanitarian crisis through international coordination and communication between domestic civil society and activist groups rather than governments (e.g. imagine Britain’s Stop the War Coalition coordinating with an anti-Putinist group in Russia).

To see how this sort of activism could fit into the broader framework of traditional diplomacy on Syria, it’s worth thinking through what a diplomatic process to resolve the Syrian Civil War might look like.

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