Podcast: From Montgomery to Ferguson

Earlier this month, Waging Nonviolence and the Fellowship of Reconciliation sponsored a conversation between civil rights movement veteran David Hartsough and Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, an author, pastor and activist involved in the ongoing struggle in Ferguson, Mo. The idea was to bring them together to compare notes on the struggle for justice in the United States, then and now. But it became much more than that. While Hartsough shared stories from his new book Waging Peace, touching on the bold acts of civil disobedience he took part in during the civil rights and Vietnam eras, Sekou brought us to the frontlines of a new movement, raising tough questions about balancing the need for a broad base of support with the need for young, black leadership that doesn’t appeal to mainstream America, or even white liberal allies. At times more debate than conversation, this episode of We Are Many offers urgent commentary on what’s become a landmark moment in the pursuit of racial justice.

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