Podcast: Righting history’s wrongs… through boxing?

Afghan boxer Hamid Rahimi, boxing belt originator Ardash Sahaghian, and his grandson Edward Majian. (Sartonk / Hasmig Tatiossian)


Edward Majian and Hasmig Tatiossian were at a perfect time in life: They had just finished college, gotten married and planned to embark on long careers as activists and scholars, working on human rights and peacebuilding around the world. Now, some five years later, they are running a boxing belt company in Union City, N.J.

So, how did two people intent on promoting nonviolence end up working for a sport many consider to be quite the antithesis — and feeling as though they’d found their calling? Find out in this episode of We Are Many, as we explore the importance of family history, what it means to be an activist, and the sport of misfits and underdogs. We’ll also hear from Afghan-born boxer Hamid Rahimi, who after fleeing to Germany during the time of Taliban rule, returned in 2012 for the country’s first professional match, which he dubbed, “Fight 4 Peace.”

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