Amidst escalating violence, Syrians continue to organize for democracy and human rights

    Forced to adapt in the face of multiple challenges, Syria’s civil society is in jeopardy. But activists are not giving up.

    Founded in 1964 to advance research on the conditions of peace and the causes of war and violence — with five regional associations covering every corner of the planet — the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) is the world’s most established multi-disciplinary professional organization in the field of peace, human rights and conflict studies.

    Waging Nonviolence partners with other organizations and publishes their work.

      Draft registration demands resistance

      June 10, 2021

      Aside from being a form of extortion and an affront to individual rights, draft registration is part of a system destroying human life. Resistance should be seen as part of a broader movement for survival of the planet.

        In Western Sahara, calls for an end to colonialism follow new Moroccan and US aggressions

        March 10, 2021

        Rather than celebration, the 45th anniversary of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic was marked by words of defiance and solidarity.

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                Welcome from IPRA’s Co-Secretaries General

                and Christine Atieno
                June 3, 2020

                Now is the time to get involved with IPRA, as it strives for greater heights in global peace research.

                  Latin Americans call for a more just and peaceful ‘new normal’

                  We cannot return to the perverse normality of the pre-coronavirus world, where profits are valued more than people. A new normal is both possible and necessary, if we build it together.

                    Puerto Rico’s crisis isn’t natural disasters — it’s colonialism

                    A father and son recount their longstanding connections to Puerto Rico and what they have learned from its peoples’ ongoing struggle for liberation.