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Thousands of Brits protest Trump’s visit alongside 16-foot farting presidential robot

As always, the protesters in Britain clearly put a lot of effort into their preparations to mock Trump. The most eye-catching part of the parade was a huge robotic statue named the Trump Dump, which featured the gigantic president atop a golden toilet, with a smartphone in his agitating hand. It emitted farting noises and the catchphrase “no collusion.”

“I wanted to honor him by showing him in all his glory,” the monster’s creator, Don Lessem, explained to The Daily Beast, claiming it cost him $25,000 of his own cash. “It’s 16 feet, which is the size of his ego. We wanted to match that. It needs to be a little more orange I think, but we tried to do it as proportionally accurate as possible, so his penis is three millimeters.”

Lessem’s ultimate goal is to crowdfund an effort to bring the robot to Washington, D.C. for the July 4 celebrations, but he was proud to give it its “world debut” to coincide with the president’s trip to London.

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