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Can now really be the best time to be alive? A dialogue across generations

A worried young organizer confronts a movement elder who believes that now — in the midst of deep crisis — is our best chance to make big progressive change.

and Yotam Marom
December 26, 2019

Can we celebrate Gandhi’s achievements while also learning from his errors?

While Gandhi is rightly criticized on untouchability and gender issues, his method of struggle has informed countless social movements over the last century.

October 4, 2019

How South Africa forced Gandhi to reckon with racism and imperialism

Born 150 years ago, Gandhi’s perceptions about human sensibilities, social power and political truths began their transformation not in India, but South Africa.

October 1, 2019

Why desperation could be the key to tackling climate change

Extinction Rebellion, student strikes and the Green New Deal show that desperation is starting to define climate politics. If handled well, this approach could be a game changer.

April 2, 2019

How women in Zimbabwe overcame a culture of fear to build a culture of resistance

By transforming the stereotypical role of motherhood into one of political activism, Women of Zimbabwe Arise both redefined and took advantage of repression.

August 4, 2018

How the Alt Right is trying to create a ‘safe space’ for racism on college campuses

By using the strategies and language of the left, the Alt Right is repackaging white supremacy for a new, more middle-class culture of millennials.

and Alexander Reid Ross
October 6, 2016

How a queer liberation collective has stayed radical for almost 40 years

LAGAI’s commitment to intersectionality keeps them from being engulfed by the mainstream politics of compromise.

July 23, 2016

Veterans lead fight against sexual assault in the military

Veterans are working with activists, politicians and lawyers to pressure the Pentagon to address the epidemic of sexual assaults in the military.

July 1, 2016

How we launched Egypt’s 2011 revolution

In this book excerpt, Ahmed Salah offers a first-hand account of the first day of the 2011 Egyptian revolution and the events that led to it.

How India saved the Internet

Meet the Indian Internet activists who organized to block Facebook’s Free Basics program, opening up a new front in the global struggle for net neutrality.

March 8, 2016
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