Move Bush's Book

A Waging Nonviolence-led action to put George W. Bush’s memoir where it belongs.

Where Bush’s book belongs

So it’s been a week since we launched the Move Bush’s Book campaign and dozens of great photos of people’s choice locations have been uploaded to the Facebook event page. Here are some of our favorites:

November 16, 2010

WNV campaign to reshelve Bush’s memoir taking off

Here is that clip of Jasmine Faustino talking about the campaign that she launched on our site to move George W. Bush’s new book to its rightful place in bookstores on RT (Russia’s 24/7 English-language news channel) last night! We also had an article about the action in the Guardian this morning and Jasmine was…

November 9, 2010

WNV Moves Bush on Russian TV tonight

Waging Nonviolence contributor Jasmine Faustino is going to appear on RT (Russia’s 24/7 English-language news channel) at 6:30 tonight to talk about the Move Bush’s Book Where It Belongs campaign. Check your cable provider to see if you get RT (note to our NYC readers, it’s channel 135 on Time Warner Cable). If not, the…

November 8, 2010

Move Bush’s book where it belongs

On Tuesday, November 9, George Bush’s memoir Decision Points comes out in bookstores around the country. Taking a cue from a movement in Britain that called for people to subversively move Tony Blair’s recently published memoir, A Journey, to the Crime section of bookstores, Waging Nonviolence is asking that in honor of the release of…

November 7, 2010